Alpha 600XS Series

・Compliant EN ISO 13849-1:2015, PLe, Cat.3、CE EN 62368-1、E-STOP:EN 60947 Regulation

Dual independent decoder CPU circuits, including feedback circuit to detect dual MAIN relays. Newly designed, EN60947 compliant, Emergency Stop ensures correct operation under any conditions – even if the contacts are corroded shut or sticking.

・Visualized Software

This series allows you to set all radio functions using software and a dedicated programmer linked to your USB port.

・Adjustable PLL RF Module

Both the transmitter and receiver are equipped with PLL (Phase Lock Loop) synthesized RF module with 68 user-selectable RF channels (narrow band FM).

・Complete Auto-Test System

Multi auto-test functions are standard, including: receiver and transmitter low voltage test, warnings, auto shutdown, pushbutton breakdown test, main relay breakdown

・Super Power Saving

The receiver is programmed to drop (open) the Main relay after several minutes of inactivity, this auto shutdown time is user-selectable. The intermittent data
transmission is designed to save power so fully charged batteries can be used for over 100 consecutive hours.

・Electromagnetic Induction Charge

The undisclosed metal and sensor type battery charger provides immediate charging simply by placing the transmitter into the charging slot. Opening the battery cover to change the batteries is not needed. This design improves the transmitter structural strength and waterproof integrity prolonging its operational life. Available charging source voltage:100~240V AC.

・Shock Absorbing Rubbers are available for transmitters

The transmitters shock absorbing rubbers, top and bottom, improve its ability to withstand shock and frequent dropping.

・Waterproof and Durable

The transmitter and receiver enclosures are constructed from high-grade composite materials that resist cracking and deformation from frequent drops and long-term exposure to heat, sunlight and harsh environments. The enclosures are fully sealed and impervious to dust, water, oil, acids, alkaline, heat and sunlight, which provide trouble-free operation for high moisture environments and outdoor applications.

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