Alpha 6000

Joystick Type
digital/proportional joystick

Safety/Quality Approvals
EN ISO 13849-1:2015, Cat.4, PLe、CE

The Alpha 6000 is a highly sophisticated industrial radio remote control system. The versatile features of Alpha 6000 permit its usage in a wide range of industrial applications. The system can be used to control all types of industrial cranes, tower cranes, building construction equipment, automatic control systems, mining equipment, and many others.

The Alpha 6000 incorporates numerous advanced safety features and software programming that will ensure maximum security and safety in the workplace.

Multi-Safety Loop Design

・Advanced System Software
The system is equipped with auto shutdown function that is able to shut down the entire system within 1 second when the transmitter transmission is interfered or interrupted. This is to ensure operation safety.

・Secure Operation
1. The utilization of unique 20~24 bits security ID codes will ensure that only commands from a matching control transmitter can be carried out without any interference from other radio systems.

2. The system is EN13849-1,Category 3 and CE approved. The system utilizes dual independent loops, emergency stop contact and MAIN relay control to ensure the system reliability. The ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection is more than 15KV.

・Emergency stop button press-and-release checking
Prior to the transmitter startup, press and release the emergency stop button to ensure the emergency stop button function normally.

・System Dynamic Self-Checking
The system MAIN relay is equipped with dynamic self-checking function to ensure the emergency stop function is activated safely.

・Tilt and Fall Protection
Whenever the transmitter tilts or falls, the till and fall protection is able to provide system protection.

Receiver & Transmitter Special Design

・Durable and Waterproof
1. The transmitter casing is composed of special rubber which features wearable, high temperature resistance, anti-UV, oil, acid, water, dust and alkaline proof. The self-developed no contact joystick excludes the disadvantages of friction and direct contact operation. The operating life and reliability are for a minimum of 1 million operating cycles, no electronic life. The upgraded transmitter guardrail is rugged and durable.

2. The receiver enclosure is made of 100% aluminum alloy. It may exclude the static resources completely and avoid interference from radio radiation. Isolating analog output with better anti-interference performance.

・RS485 Interface
By working with proportional output board, the relay and proportional joystick output can be delivered via an RS485 interface card (optional). The remote control output can be extended to PLC and PC interface for the application of internet type control.

・Modularized Construction
Receiver internal circuit is completely modularized, including: receiving RF module, decoding module, relay module, proportional output module, LCD display module, power module and digital joystick extension relay module. It is easy for the users to replace and extend by themselves.

LCD display module shows the current receiver status, including: every relay output, proportional output, receiving signal strength, error messages…etc.

・System Programming
All the Alpha 6000 function setting and selection can be programmed via the Alpha 6000 software and in-house designed programmer.

Proportional output curve can be compiled and relay can be allocated as will. There are 15 types of joystick mode and 8 types of proportional joystick output for output curves to choose from. Optional multi-voltage/current is available, no need to replace the hardware.

The software setting is available with special modes and function, such as: receiver auto-scan, random, tandem, pitch & catch modes and sick laser function.

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