Alpha 607BS

Pushbutton Type
(6) two-speed pushbuttons + (1) one-speed pushbutton

Advance Design
Dual independent decoder CPU circuits, including feedback circuit to detect dual MAIN relays. EN60947 compliant, E-Stop ensures correct operation under any conditions.

Safety/Quality Approvals
EN ISO 13849-1:2015, PLe, Cat.3、CE EN 62368-1、E-STOP:EN 60947

Source Voltage:AA size x2 alkaline 3.0V
/NI-MH AA size x2 battery 2.4v
(No contact charging)
Antenna Impedance: Internal Antenna 50 ohms, external antenna is available.
Dimension:189mm × 68mm × 30mm
nclosure Rating:IP 65
Operating Temperature:-10℃~ +60℃
(>80℃high temperature protection)
Transmitting Power Consumption: ≦20mA@3V
(Various from encoding mode and transmitting power)
Countinue Operating Time:>100hrs @batteries full (2000mAh)
LV Voltage:
2.2V –2.0V(Normal Ver.) /
2.2V –1.8V(13849 Ver.)

﹡Transmitter RF board Unit
Frequency Range:433MHz
Transmitting Power:0.1mW – 10mW
Frequency Control:TCXO+PLL
Frequency Deviation:1ppm @25℃
Spurious Emission:< -50dBc
Antenna Impedance:50 ohms
ID 位元:16 Bit
Error detection code: Hamming code + CRC

Frequency Band:433MHz
Channel Spacing:25KHz
Frequency Control:PLL 鎖相迴路
Frequency Drift:< 5ppm @ -20℃ ~ +70℃
Frequency Deviation:< 1ppm @ 25℃
Antenna Impedance:50Ω
Responding Time:40ms (Normal)
Enclosure Rating:IP-65
Source Voltage:DC12-24V, AC48V, AC110V,
AC220V, AC230V, AC240, AC380V
Full Voltage module:100~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:10 Watt
Operating Temperature:-10℃ ~ +70℃.
Output Contact Rating:250V @ 5A
Dimension:310mm × 134mm × 72mm

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