Before purchasing

Our radio remote controls are available with pushbutton and joystick types. The joystick type is up to 5 speeds. You may first select from either our pushbutton or joystick type by your own requirements. Or you may contact the distributor near you or our headquarters in Kaohsiung for more information.

On-line shopping is not available. You may contact the distributor near you for more information.

In addition to standard types of remote control, we may also supply radio remote controls per different requirements. We will quote you the price after having the specifications required from you. You may also contact the distributor near you for more information.

We collect 100% invoice amount before every shipment is ready. Your payment will be made by wire transfer only.

We do not keep our products in stock so we will confirm the scheduled shipping date after the order is received. The lead time could be one day to one month per order quantity and complexity of the remote control ordered.

Yes, we do. Please let us know if you need the remote control to be pre-wired when you inquire or place an order. (wiring charges to be collected) In case of wiring requirement, please supply a complete wiring diagram with wire numbers and definition included.

After purchasing

Yes, we offer 18 months of warranty after each shipment of new system order.  
Repair warranty is 3 months.  But conditions as below are not included in the repair warranty:
1. Improper operation or incorrect power connection.
2. Self modification or repairing.
3. Damage caused by natural disasters. 

In case of product faulty, please first check the battery power and then follow the troubleshooting enclosed in the operation manual inside each system box.  If the problem remains, you may either send it to the distributor near you or to us to check further.

Please send the faulty remote control to us in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and also make us the list of items to be repaired in advance to avoid any missing. We will first quote you the repair charges and you may decide to either have the faulty remote control to be repaired or to order a replacement if the repairs costs are over your budget.


Yes, all of our products are certified with international approvals.  Please visit our website at “Products” page for more information.

You are welcome to contact us in Kaohsiung for other corporations.

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