Twister 2XTwister 2X

Twister 2X

The Twister 2X is a highly sophisticated industrial radio remote control system. The versatile features of Twister 2X permit its usage in a wide range of industrial applications. The system can be used to control all types of industrial cranes, tower cranes, building construction equipment, automatic control systems, mining equipment, and many others… The Twister 2X incorporates numerous advanced safety features and software programming that will ensure maximum security and safety in the work place.

・Durable and Lightweight Joysticks

・Photo-Interrupter Sensors

・Advanced Software Programming & Encoding System & Decoding System

・System Self-Diagnosing Functions

・User-Selectable RF Channels

・Programmable Pushbutton Functions

・Intelligent Charger

・Compliant CE EN 62368-1 regulation

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