MA100 Siren

Pendant Styles
contains one horn and one control box

– contains one horn and one control box.
– with lightweight,compact and selectable tone audible signal.
– All the unique tones are produced by the digital micro-controller unit(MCU).
– The built-in automatic control circuitry is available with more than 10 kinds of tone selectable.

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MA100 Siren
Power consumption:<45W
Operating voltage/current:100~240VAC/(60/50HZ)/max 0.6A in 1 meter of distance
Volume:Over 95dB
Anti surge:Over 4000V

Operating Temp.:-10*c ~+60*c (humidity under 85%)
Anti-vibration:Tested on the basis of 45m/Sec
Dimension:145x127x101mm (Control box housing)
220x220x271mm(Siren housing)
Weight:±3,300 + 100g

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