Alpha 4008-3

Pushbutton Type
(6) two-speed pushbuttons + (2) one-speed pushbuttons
_RS232 interface card available

Safety/Quality Approvals
CE EN 62368-1、FCC

・Visualized Software
It allows you to set every function of your remote control via software. Based on the system type selected, you can create all kinds of combinations with the software to fit different working environments.

・5 Status LEDs
The middle top LED shows the current status of the control, including errors, the other 4 LEDS can be used to show the status of assigned pushbuttons.

・Transmitter Shock Absorption
The shock absorbing rubbers on the four corners of the transmitter strengthen its shock absorption ability.
・Start-up Alternatives
The Alpha 4000 offers either On/Off key start or Infrared localized start.

・Chip Card – function set via chip card
(1)Breakdown Recovery
If the remote control fails you simply take out the chip card and insert it into the chip card slot of another system, of the same type, to continue operating.

(2)Same System Type Copy
Via the chip card programmer, if the same functions and settings are needed in the future, you only need to re-call the original file and correct/save the data onto the chip card.

(3)Setting/Modification for any function
Remove chip card and modify the desired function via software.

・Changeable Relay Cards
The Alpha 4000 receiver is designed with changeable relay cards which allow the expansion or modification of functions setting simply by changing relay cards.

・User-Selectable RF Channels
Both receiver and transmitter are equipped with the PLL (Phase Lock Loop) synthesized RF module with user-selectable RF channels (narrow band FM). The frequency is adjustable and can be corrected manually in case of any frequency drift.

・Electromagnetic Induction Charging
Electromagnetic induction charges the transmitter by simply placing it on the battery charger, no need to remove the battery or plug anything in.

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